Pastiche Communications


Pastiche Communications grew out of a love for words and writing; an appreciation of imagination, variation and creativity; and small leap of faith

Pastiche offers clients a wide range of freelance writing and communications consulting services, specializing in non-profit and corporate communications. ​Big or small, Pastiche Communications can help you define your communications strategy and find the words to create the right message for the audience — whether across the room or across the globe.

Let Pastiche Communications be your communications business solution.

Why Pastiche?

Look up "pastiche" in a dictionary and you'll find varied definitions, including an artistic expression whereby various elements are brought together to create something new; a mélange. So, too, is the approach Pastiche Communications takes. 

Pastiche resists overly defining its service boundaries or limiting the scope of projects. Rather, founder Carol Weinrich Helsel creatively applies her talents and skills to a varied range of communication challenges. In short, "a little bit of everything."

Our Value Offering

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Message Received

If your audience isn't getting your message it may be because your message doesn't speak to the audience. Let Pastiche Communications help create messages for your audiences that resonate and produce results.  

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Get Published

Establish yourself as an industry expert. Pastiche Communications has a successful track record of working with subject matter experts to create articles that industry magazines and websites want and will publish.    

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Focus Your Reader

In today’s information overload world, the presentation of words is as important as the words themselves. Pastiche Communications can organize and edit complex collections of information into a clear and focused format that focuses the reader on your most important messages.